Sometimes when you’re an unreal stun hun (that’s you and me, bbz), the politics pages aren’t your first port of call when you wake up in the morning — you’ve loads of stories to check on your Snapchat before work which are obvs important. It’s also a bit of a buzz kill/ boring when you don’t have a clue what they’re shitein’ on about.

The HunReal Issues is all about taking some of those issues that all us huns should be knowin’ and caring about and making it a bit less boring and whompy. We know you’re thinking, ‘why should I give a shite?’ Well… these are things that affect your life— who you can marry, where you can live, where your kids go to school, how much you earn, who controls your body, how and who you ride… those tiny, little important things! If you don’t know what people are deciding about your bits, how can you tell them whether you do be agreein’ or not?

Let’s unite and fight, huns!