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Sphere One Edge it 8 hat

Sphere One – Fashion Is Repealing

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Product Description

I wanted to bring together key elements of Sphere One: best quality European yarn, hand made, zero waste with conceptual design.

 The hat is hand framed from an Italian yarn – 75% Super Fine Wool 25% Angora from Lanecardate mill. It is unisex, black and one-size.

This is a yarn Sphere One used a couple of seasons ago. We happen to have just sufficient left over to make 50 pieces and so I’m delighted to donate this in the spirit of ‘zero waste’.

(The hat we made in this yarn a few years ago retailed for €100).

 The special “repeal the 8th’ hat features a cable knit, (a complex skill familiar to generations of traditional Irish women knitters) this time in the shape of a closed figure 8.

Over the ‘8’ cable are 4 lines of big hand stitches in red that are a chunky version of the Sphere One logo; a texturally soft but graphically strong wish for the 8th amendment to be removed from the Irish constitution.

The stitches are purposefully left loose, (not knotted either end), like gestural grafiti slashes. Also this means that after the 8th is repealed (we hope), they can be pulled out and the wearer will have a hat with a classic cable if desired, again in the spirit of zero waste and longevity..

Meanwhile, the wearer is invited to use the extra 4 lengths of pink yarn included with the hat to sew their own extra lines, shapes, initials into the hat to personalise their own rationale regarding the referendum. If we can make an extra one for me I will sew it with the initial ‘S’ ‘H’, for Savita Halappanavar and the initials of another woman I know of, who travelled to England.