Repeal the 8th


Our first and most rage-inducing issue is that us Irish huns don’t have control over what happens with our uterus aka our own reproductive rights. If we get preggers, and don’t want to continue the pregnancy for whatever reason, we have to continue it regardless of whatever state we’re in. Even if we’ve been raped, can’t handle a chisler or even don’t want one. We’ve no choice.

All the big guns around the world support access to safe abortion (World Health Organisation; Amnesty International and even the United Nations Committee has said abortion is a human right. Body autonomy and all that jazz. It’s been proven time and time again that when abortion is legalised, the figures don’t shoot up – abortions happen anyway, they just go from being dangerous to a safe, medical procedure.

We want the government to hear us and give us what we want: the power and right to choose what happens to our own stunning body. This will only happen if we get a referendum to Repeal the 8th Amendment.



*9 Irish huns go abroad every day for an abortion —that’s over 3,000 women a year that can’t get access safe medical procedures in their own country. We’re literally sweeping the problem under the foreign carpet.

*Only 2% of abortions take place after 20 weeks and these are for medical reasons, not someone just deciding they’re not into being a ma (and da) anymore. The majority of all abortions (around 90%) are carried out before a pregnancy reaches 13 weeks. Women don’t want later abortions and doctors don’t want to do them. So those pics you see on anti-choicers placards are misrepresenting the reality as they’re usually from the last trimester.

*You can go to the slammer for 14 years for having an abortion. You shouldn’t get a criminal record (that might stop you travelling or getting a job) for having an abortion. Having an abortion, like all women’s health care — needs to be separate from the criminal code.

*In Europe, Ireland and Malta are the only countries where abortion is illegal. (WTF — scarlet for us)